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Increase & quantify the environmental impact of selling or donating End-Of-Life IT assets

Get more value from your End-Of-Life IT assets

Get impact data & circularity reports

Boost your brand by generating social & environmental impact during full device life-time

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Get compliance reports

Get reports to ensure GDPR & WEEE compliance

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Get a fair compensation

Know your device resell value to estimate a fair compensation

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Ensure data security

Secure & easy device disposal including data erasure

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Secure, easy & fast data erasure
Chain of custody & reuse compliance reports during entire life-time
Manage and view individual assets and components
Transparent & automatic value assessment
Share credible device information with resellers

Get impact & compliance reports while maintaining business privacy

USOdy helps you to assess devices for reuse and facilitates impact monitoring and reporting while protecting your business privacy

1) Share device information

Assess and share device resell value with resellers

2) Transfer devices

Receive chain of custody & compliance reports in exchange for your devices

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