Module Traceability


Stay in control, manage your inventory and create reports

Key benefits

Device identification and tracking

Standardized digital passports for devices with attached certificates, reports, and chain of custody that can be shared between platform members, trading partners, and consumers.

Stay in control

Group registered devices into lots. Manage devices individually or aggregated. Use smart filters and natural search. Link your online and physical inventories via NFC. QR or custom tags


Use our secure portal to generate in-depth reports about your inventory: chain of custody, aggregated value assessment and use value, components and device state


Access your inventory from anywhere
Use our Android App to connect with your inventory from anywhere and to track devices in the physical
Secure Smart Tags
Secure Smart Tags with NFC chips, photochromic inks, and smartphone Apps that track devices through other organizations or locations, detect changes in condition, and connect your physical and digital inventories.
Just works
Works for 98% of all desktops and laptops
Integrations available
Export your data or integrate with other Usody Software

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