ITADs & Refurbishers

for ITADs & refurbishers

Provide value-adding traceability services such as impact & compliance reporting to your device suppliers

Key benefits

Automate monitoring & reporting of impact data

Get paid for reporting reuse and recycling impact data – such as saved CO2 emissions and hours used – to your suppliers

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Facilitate compliance reporting

Create reports for GDPR & WEEE compliance

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Erase data securely and issue certificates

Secure & easy data erasure process and a robust inventory system for tracking individual assets and components

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Assess the value of IT assets before purchase

View detailed information down to component level before buying IT assets to avoid buying non-resaleable devices

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Provide value-adding traceability services to device suppliers and buyers

1) Receive quality devices

Get access to quality devices in exchange for reporting chain of custody & compliance

2) View device information, get rating & erase data

Use USOdy software to view device components, benchmark devices, and optionally erase data

3) Share ratings with potential buyers

Provide potential buyers with device ratings


Manage and view individual assets and components
Secure & easy data erasure process
Automatic quality control and value assessment
Chain of custody & reuse compliance reports during entire life-time
Share credible device information with buyers

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