Module Quality Rating

Quality rating

Automate quality control and value assessment of refurbished electronic devices

Key benefits

Validate and assess incoming goods

Prevent mistakes or scams on B2B purchases by verifying received goods at component level including benchmark testing and value assessment.

Increase trust through quality control and reports

Provide detailed product information to increase click and purchase rates. Ensure to deliver what you offer, increasing trust and reducing marketplace expulsions

Maximize reuse

Assess value and upgradeability of second-hand devices to maximize their reuse potential and increase sales

Prevent illegal transports & exports

Transporting and especially exporting defect products without an allowance is illegal in many countries. Ensure device functionality at time of pick-up to prevent large fines.


Test and share
Certify proper functioning of refurbished devices by running benchmark tests and sharing the results
Detailed components information
Obtain a detailed list of all hardware components including serial numbers
Just works
Works for 98% of all desktops and laptops
Integrations available
Export your data or integrate with other Usody Software

How It Works

Devicerate performs tests to certify the proper functioning of refurbished products, generating reports including benchmark scores and a detailed list of hardware components including serial numbers. These reports can be shared to potential buyers or uploaded to online market places.


Install our Software on any USB – make sure to safe your data first!

Plug and play

Plug-in your USB into your laptop and boot into our DeviceRate Software

Share your benchmark

DeviceRate will benchmark your device and upload it to our platform – automatically. Share your benchmark with potential buyers or upload it to your e-commerce

Try the demo

We are currently beta-testing our products with selected partners. Please get in touch with us, if you would like to schedule a demo and get early access.