Usody Software

Reduce and reuse your devices

A Digital Twin Inventory Management System

Usody is used to reliably register, inspect and share in a clicks your fleet of IT devices, even at the component level and incorporate durability testing, performance testing, and certified data sanitization. Usody enables you to reduce your IT costs and certify the circularity of your organization's IT consumption, while additionally protecting the environment and reducing material consumption.

For refurbishers & ITADs

Automate impact & compliance reporting

Additionally to solutions for data erasure, device appraisal & inventory management, we enable you to provide value-adding services such as impact & compliance reporting to your device suppliers

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Automate monitoring & reporting of impact & compliance data

Assess the value of IT assets before purchase

Erase data securely and issue erasure certificates

For companies & brands

Get more value from your End-Of-Life IT assets

We help large brands to quantify & increase the environmental impact of selling or donating their End-Of-Life IT assets

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Get impact data & circularity reports

Boost your brand by generating social & environmental impact during full device life-time

Ensure legal compliance

Get reports to ensure GDPR & WEEE compliance

Get a fair compensation

Know your device resell value to estimate a fair compensation

Ensure data security

Secure & easy device disposal including data erasure

For public administration

Boost regional circular economy & automate IT asset management

Invite tenders for your used devices through USOdy and receive certified compliance reports verifiable through blockchain proofs

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Automate tender processes

Automate tender processes to redistribute your IT assets transparently

Get impact & circularity data

Get impact & circularity data during the full device life-time

Estimate the economic impact of devices

Know your device resell value to estimate the economic impact created

Ensure data security

Secure & easy device disposal including data erasure

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